Sunday, February 04, 2007

Taking the same land twice

One of the resolutions that I have made for myself this year was to lose wight. This morning I weighed myself and I have lost 20 pounds. Yeah!!! It got me to thinking though, about something I heard once. This old military saying that some general or something was to have said once. The saying is that this general said that he hated to ever have to retreat, because he didn't want to have to take over a piece of land twice. That is how my weight loss has been. I hate to see that scale creep up even a pound, because that means that I have to lose that pound all over again. Kind of like a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing.

The new Harry Potter book comes out this summer. I feel so bad, I haven't read but one book this year. I am really falling behind in my reading. Things at work have been really hectic as this is one of the busy times of the year at my job.

A tow truck is coming to get the station wagon this week and take it off to the junk yard, presumably to be crushed. It had a good run.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feast One Hundred & Twenty Nine

One Hundred & Twenty Nine
AppetizerWhat was one of the fashion fads when you were a teenager? Those crazy shirts that would change colors when wet is the only thing I can think of.
SoupName one thing you think people assume about you when they first meet you. That I am some big scary dude
SaladOn a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how hard do you work? This week, a 10.
Main CourseIf you were given a free 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl to sell anything you currently own, what would you advertise? My Moleskine notebook.
DessertFill in the blank: I love to _curl up with a good book___ when it is __rainy outside_______.