Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Afternoon Post

Sorry about the late update today, work takes precedence over the blog. Almost 33 million people are traveling this week. So if you are headed somewhere for the holiday, be careful out there
This is the first major holiday for me since starting on my low carb diet. I have to watch what I eat. Food has not been that big of a problem for me since I began the diet about a month ago. The temptation comes tomorrow night though.
I had to do something though. I am morbidly obese and have a family history of heart problems. That is not why I started the diet though. I just got tired of negative comments from people. Strangers I just ignore. But it is family and friends that really get on my nerves. The comments that they make. I’m sure that they mean well, but they make me feel like crap. It has gotten worse since my older sister went on the low carb diet and lost over a hundred pounds. Then the relatives start to look at you like "What’s the matter with you?"
I’ll give you an example. Recently, I had to be with family members at a group of funerals that came up in October. The relatives would come down the line and would see my younger sister and tell her how good she looked and that she was doing well. Then they would go down the line and see my older sister and really go crazy about her. Then they would turn and see me. You could see it on their faces. They would say "Joey, you look..".Like 10 pounds of crap in a five pound bag is what comes to mind. But they don’t say that, they compose themselves and finish, "just like your father." Then they bid a hasty retreat. You go through that about ten times and you start looking for the nearest exit. More later.