Friday, June 02, 2006

What a night!

The Orioles game the other night was fantastic. Getting away from the stresses of everyday was nice. I finally got to see a Major League Baseball game with my dad. My sister wasn't so bad on the trip either.
When we got to Baltimore, we found the stadium and parked. We had about three hours to kill before the game, so we decided to check out the Baltimore Sports Museum that is next to the ballpark. The museum was okay, only there was this rude guy who totally pissed me off in there. When we left, we went down the street a little ways and got something to eat from California Tortilla. As we were eating, a guy came through and went off on the cashier. I was thinking to myself, man are these people in Maryland rude. After we ate though and got back to the ballpark, man was that great. I saw Tuesday night perhaps one of the greatest games of baseball in my life. The star for the Orioles was Corey Patterson, who had a stolen base, two home runs and the game winning catch to help the Orioles beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7-5. His catch was featured as the play of the day on our local newscast when I got back home.
What a memory, and what a night!