Friday, June 22, 2007

Question of the week

What are your journaling habits? Do you journal? Online or offline or both? What notebooks or journals do you use? What writing tools if any? How often do you journal? What do you journal about?


Manny said...

Hi Joey. Here are my answers.

I've tried to keep a journal for a long time now. The most successful effort before blogging was my first year at UCLA in 1983, when I was required to keep a journal in my English class and got me hooked on it. I tried to keep a journal from time to time with very limited success until I started blogging three years ago. I've been journaling regularly since.

For now, all of my journaling efforts have been online with the blog. I keep blogging notes in various paper notebooks, my favorite being the Moleskine notebooks, which you can get at Border's. Before blogging, I kept my journal in spiral notebooks or college-ruled paper in a report folder.

I try to post blog entries every day, with great if not complete success. I blog about "things from the mundane and silly to the profound and serious."