Monday, June 20, 2005

One of the greatest on Television...

I am very big on mysteries. I plan on doing a top 5 detectives on television one day. This column though, is about a longtime favorite of mine, Thomas Sullivan Magnum. Played to perfection by Tom Selleck, the Hawaiin private investigator (not private eye!) was the epitome of coolness in the 80's. If I were ever to come back as anyone else, I would want to be Magnum P.I. Live on a beachfront house rent free, drive a ferrari, get to wine and dine beautiful women and have great adventures every week. That is the life for me.

I was too young to really enjoy the show when it was originally shown. I caught reruns a decade later on A&E, and that's all it took. This is one of the few shows never to have "Jumped the Shark" according to the people polled on that website. No cute children or annoying supporting players added, just Magnum, T.C., Rick, and Higgans. Sure there were great guest stars in reccuring roles: Agatha, Carol, Mac, Maggie, Etc...but mostly it was just the guys.

Many fans and critics like this show for the way that it treated Vietnam vets. With the respect that they deserve. Not that there weren't problems with them after they returned to the U.S., but mainly the treatment was very favorable.

I have many favorite episodes from the shows 8 seasons. I love such episodes as Home from the Sea, Limbo, Little Girl Who, Paper War, and others. It is a little escapist fun for an hour or so. I have a little theory about who Robin Masters really is that I will share with you sometime. Until next time remember, "Time has little to do with Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts"

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