Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Televison Roundup Part 2

Two big shockers in the May sweeps period. The season finales of Gilmore Girls and NCIS. Both shows saved their big moments until the very end. Leaving us TV addicts with a long summer of waiting.

I am a casual viewer of Gilmore Girls. I like to keep up with the storylines but I don't watch every week. I did surf over to the final three minutes of the finale to see Rory quit school and Lorelei propose to Luke. I didn't see that one coming. The buzz going around the net is that a lot of people didn't see that at all, since the episode ran a little longer than an hour. So the WB ran the finale again the next week and I caught the whole thing this time. I can't wait to see how they resolve all of these issues. I agree with the people over at TV Guide, Lauren Graham deserves an Emmy already!

I stated in my last post that I was not a huge fan of JAG during its run. I am a fan of NCIS however. My mouth hit the floor after Kate was shot through the forehead by Ari. I never thought that Kate was going to be the one that was killed. I thought that McGee was going to be the one that died in the finale. Donald P. Bellisario stated the next day that Sasha Alexander, who plays Kate, came to him and asked to be let out of her contract, stating the grueling schedule and the fact that it was liable to go on for several more years. DPB then went back and rewrote the finale. September cannot come to soon.

Saving Grace Part 1: Boo on CBS for getting rid of Joan of Arcadia. The show had a heart and wasn't too preachy while getting a message across. When you are the big dog in television, I guess you can do pretty much what you want to.

Saving Grace Part 2: Word came down earlier this week that Law & Order:Trial by Jury may not be as dead as everyone thought. NBC may order 13 more episodes of the Dick Wolfe series for mid-season. Or TNT may pick the show up. If only Wolfe could help Joan.

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