Friday, June 17, 2005

Television Roundup Part 3

It's time to finish the roundup for the May sweeps period and clean out the old inbox.

Everybody Loves Raymond finished up an impressive run with a low key finale that fit right in with the nature of the show. No big fancy send offs or wacky finales. Just quality programming. Ray Romano can go into the fortune telling business. He said take the audience for the Seinfeld finale (80 million), subtract the audience for the Friends finale (50 million) and that was going to be the number to the Raymond finale. He was only 3 million off as 33 million viewers watched the Barone clan ride off into the sunset.

Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher left That 70's Show, at least as full time cast members. Both actors may make quest appearances next season. While the show is not as funny as it was during its heyday, it is still an entertaining way to spend a half hour.

The story for a while there was the season finale of CSI. The big night arrived and I was ready. I was into the story, my heart was racing. My eyes were glued to the set. Nick takes out his gun to shoot the light power goes out. AGGHGHGHGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about being pissed. The power didn't get restored until 30 minutes after CSI had ended. I get all the breaks.

I semi follow CSI: Miami, and it was nice for Horatio to finally uncover the mystery of what happened to his brother Ray.

I loved the finale of CSI: New York, which is quickly becoming my favorite of the three shows. Gary Sinese really shines in the Role of Mac Taylor, who finally has decided to move on with his personal life since the death of his wife on September 11, 2001. This show kept getting better as the year went on. I think it got better the right way though, by degrees. Not some huge change in the middle of the season that just threw everything out of whack.

Jack Bauer dead? On the road like a fugitive and a man without a country? What a year this has been for 24. The best season I have seen yet. (Note: I have not seen season 1.) The nonstop season that Fox showed is the way to go with a show like this that has cliffhanger endings every week. I cannot wait for next January. I just hope Edger is back along with Chloe. Those two cracked me up. On a less positive note, I have heard that Logan is still going to be president when the season starts.

When 24 starts its 5th season in January, it will have the wonderfully quirky House as its lead in. This show was the bright spot in the past season for me. Hugh Laurie is one of the best actors on television right now, if not the best. His Dr. Gregory House has to be one of the greatest characters ever. My wife doesn't like his attitude, which I find refreshing. The man is brilliant and he knows it. What's more, he doesn't mind telling everyone how brilliant he is. I will have more to write about this wonderful drama later on.

AGGGHGHGHHHH!!!!! Moment number 2: NBC messes up my whole routine and moves the finale of Law & Order: Criminal Intent to a Wednesday night at 10 o'clock. So naturally I miss the finale. I hate it when things like that happen. Bobby Goren is one of my favorite Characters on television. It's a shame he will only be around for 11 episodes next season, although I understand the reasons why. Unlike some of the other posts I have read on the web, I am willing to give the Chris Noth episodes a chance.

Next Week I will talk about some of my favorite characters on TV.

Respectfully Submitted