Monday, June 06, 2005

Welcome Summer

I hope everyone is having a good month. I still cannot get over the amazing May sweeps period on television. WOW! First, goodbye to the outstanding JAG and Third Watch. I was never a huge fan of either series, only have watched a handful of episodes between the two. I still made time to watch each series finale and both of these shows left us with a classy farewell.

First, JAG. Harm and Mac finally together. And getting married no less. The coinflip was the perfect way to end this show. Too bad the whole thing felt rushed. A two hour finale would have seemed better to me.

Third Watch- This show impresses me every time that I see an episode. To be honest with you I can count the number of episodes that I have seen on one hand and have fingers left over. But I have a feeling that is going to change. We want DVD's now! I became a fan by accident this past season. I work on Friday nights and I am usually getting ready for work when the show was on. So I never saw it. Then last October I was at my parents house one Friday night. I had recently had three deaths in my family in the span of two weeks, so things weren't really going my way. I just happened to catch an episode on and not finding anything else that would hold my interest I stayed on NBC.

The episode was called "The Greatest Detectives in the World." What an hour of television. It did what nothing else had been able to do for a week. It took my mind off of my problems. Molly Price and Aiden Quinn were phenomenal as Detectives Yokas and Miller, and who knew Chris Elliot could play a psycho so well? The con that Faith and Miller pulled in this episode was great. I only hate the fact that I didn't discover this show until the end of a very good run.

Goodbye to Camelot. Indeed.

Respectfully Submitted